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Whether you are an optician or an optical laboratory, GOPTICIEN allows your to manage your business starting from managing products and customers to monitoring and controling your billing.


Are you dreaming to fully monitor and control your home ?  iSmartHome is the solution !

Thanks to our plugable box you are able to keep an eye on your home, monitor the temperature and even turn on/off lights.

Smart Datalake

Many companies built Datalakes in order to centralize data, as it becames the most valuable asset in companies.

Unfortunately, most of data lakes become data swamps, as companies are not able to govern data, ease it search and it shares.

This is why we've built Smart Datalake, a solution that ease the data governance over datalakes using an easy and freindly UI.


RoyalitiesPay allows you using one single royalty token for many differents companies.
Thanks to our trading platform you'll be able to use royalties of a company into another one, or to exchages it against Fiat currencies      


Weather data can be utilized in many applications in order improve business or ease our daily tasks. 

Even if a huge amount of open weather data is freely avaiable on internet, its unfortunately  not used to it fully potential, as it's most of time badly collected, exposed and processed.

In order to laverage all the previous pin points, we devloped EWeather which is a solution that provides you with good quality Weather data that is easly queryable using different APIs.


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