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IT INSIGHT is a highly skilled start-up that provides creative products & services and deliver innovative solutions that improve clients business.

IT INSIGHT has three main activities: IT Consulting & Delivery, Trainings and online products offer.

The first two activities are mainly composed of highly talented freelancers with years of expertise on IT technologies and methodologies who collaborate generally together. This expertise allows us to answer the market needs by offering customized solutions and trainings to our clients.

The third activity takes the form of a ready-to-use services/products ( SaaS, cloud solutions ) that answer customers & market needs.

We believe that technologies & Data drives the market today, this is why we mainly focus on the most exciting and last in demand fields like BigData & Data engineering, Cloud, IoT, DevOps, Blockchain, Java & Scala Programming, Web and Agility. Our interventions concerns as well consulting, as well programming, administration, auditing, architecture & design and projects incubation.

We also believe that today, consulting agencies model has reach it limit, this is why, we adopted a new model where we mainly collaborate with experienced and approved freelancers rather than hiring employees. This model offers more equity for consultants, as they earn according to their efforts, which push them to be fully motivated and productif hence improving their delivery quality which bring more clients satisfaction.

However working with freelancers means working with individuals rather than a group with no guarantee of replacement in case of leaves. Choosing IT INSIGHT, guarantee you working with a group of freelancers that collaborates usually which bring more cohesion between the team members and a replacement strategy in case of leave.

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