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Building big data solutions 

Creating sucessful big data projects requires a transversal overview of the Information System as well as a deep knowledge in big data patterns and solutions.

Our experts will be pleased to put their solid knowledge in leading & implementing big data projects to advice, help and accompgny you designing and building your next successful big data projects from datalakes or nosql solutions to real-time and reactive ones

Setting up datalakes

Building production ready datalakes is not an easy deal. as it necessary to have a good understanding of 
datalakes solutions and of transversal topics like security, data management, information system integration.

To face this challenge ITINSIGHT have specialized and certified datalake experts in both on premise and cloud solutions like Hadoop distributions and managed services in AWS, AZURE and GCP

Improving big data performances and costs

Many today's big data projects are suffering from bad performances and high costs once going from Proof of concept to production.

Thanks to our deep knowledge in the big data field, we are able to help you implementing patterns, architectures and tools that will  help reducing your solutions costs and workflows execution time.

Securing and monitoring big data solutions

One of the main challenges in big data  is how to secure all this massive data that are stored on the big data systems.
Creating Big Data solutions is one thing, securing it is another one.

But thanks to our big data frameworks and methodologies we are able to help you going on production in a secure way and keeping eyes on your privacy in a monitored way.

Migrating infrastructure and application to public cloud

Moving from Onpremises to public cloud raises many technical, security and legal challenges.

IT INSIGHT can help you
increasing your business performances by building the right cloud environment that answers your needs using proven industry frameworks. 

Leading, architecting and designing solutions

Are you planning to migrate your legacy or build a new fullstack solution ?

Be confidend in our talented experts with years of experiences in architececting, designing and building
cloud and onpremises solutions using the last proven frameworks and methodologies.

Optimizing and auditing source code

Are you facing latencies with you application ? is you source code no more maintainable ? are you facing big issues with you current workload ?

IT INSIGHT have efficient and proven frameworks and tools in order to audit your current solution, identify the issues and resolve it using the most suitable way.



Collaboration de grande qualité, tant humainement que techniquement. Toujours à l'écoute du besoin client et dans la recherche d'optimisation. Mehdi est quelqu'un sur qui il faut compter pour faire avancer ses projets Big Data et Cloud!

The IT INSIGHT consultant was talented, reliable and extremely knowledgeable data professional. his guidance and advises was instrumental to build and maintain our big data platform at Axa. It was also extremely pleasant to work with him.

As part of Engie Global Market's trading surveillance team, we have started a new big data project with many new challenges. The IT INSIGHT consultant has helped us tremendously not only on the technical aspect as the big data expert and cloud architect but also on the human aspect and project management. He is always attentive to the client and knows how to coordinate the different devops teams. a real success.


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